As we spend more time on the island and become familiar with all there is to  do, this page will fill up with information on places to shop and dine out, and ways to have fun and enjoy the island.

Plum Bay Only a short drive from Cupecoy, Plum Bay is a quick and quiet getaway.  I’d stop just short of calling this a secluded beach because the perimeter is lined with private walled villas, but it certainly is not a tourist beach and it isn’t crowded.  The sand is beautiful and the water is crisp and clear.  If surfing is your thing, the point around to the right side of the beach will often sport some impressive waves.
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Maho Bay / Sunset Beach A popular tourist hangout, this beach is a favorite because the airplanes fly just a few feet over your head as they land. It’s a beautiful beach with sugar sand and crystal clear blue water, and if you don’t mind the crowds it’s an energetic, fun place to spend an afternoon.
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Guana Bay Serious Waves! Guana Bay is a remote, quiet beach away from the crowds, and it stays shallow a long ways into the water making it a perfect boogie boarding beach. If you’re looking for waves and action, Guana is your place.
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… in which Carina finally gets to enjoy island life
Orient Bay The most famous beach on the island, and the one at which most tourists come to hang out. If you’re seeking peace and quiet then you’ll want to look elsewhere. But if you like beauty, energy and action, then this is your beach. It’s over a mile long, has soft sugar sand and crystal clear water, and is alive with water sports and people. And of course if you want to experience the beach au-natural, then wander down to the far right side and feel free to join all the other naked people!
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Le Gallion This beach is nestled into a large protected bay, which means it has no waves at all. It’s like a salt water lake. It’s great for small kids and popular with families, but boring if you want any type of action. There’s a dock a few yards off shore that makes a fun jumping and diving platform.
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Carousel Ice-Cream Ice-cream this yummy and this beautiful can’t be found anywhere in the fifty states! You’ll need to come see and try it to believe it.  I didn’t count the number of flavors, but it must be well over one hundred, and every one of them looks tempting.
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Ocean Beach Club Within easy walking distance from anyplace in Cupecoy, this adorable little outdoor terrace restaurant has a simple but fairly priced menu and is owned by a friendly Canadian couple who takes the time to visit with their guests.  The food has a distinct home-made flavor to it, which I enjoy.  They are most famous for their all-you-can eat treats:  Monday is BBQ Chicken, and Wednesday is ribs.  On Wednesday evenings, the place is packed.
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Sarafina’s A little slice of French cuisine heaven right here in St. Martin, this adorable bakery is a short drive around the lowlands in the city of Marigot.  You could come here once a day for a year, order a different pastry each time, and still not try everything they have to offer.  But most of all, you’ve got to order one of their crêpes! (Side note: it wouldn’t hurt to know a little French, or to bring someone who does.)
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… in which Carina finally gets to enjoy island life
Abu-Ghazi’s A quick ‘n easy fast food style place right next to the movie theater in Cole Bay, they serve up some fantastically delicious Schwarmas and other Mediterranean style sandwiches. They are very affordable, but be sure to bring cash.
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The Taste Factory You don’t need to go to the French side to find yummy French pastries. The Taste Factory is just across the bridge in Cole Bay and offers up a fun selection of yummy French foods. The selection is not as grandiose as Sarafina’s, but it’s indoors (unlike Sarafina’s), has AC, is close by, and is less expensive.
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Old Tree
Chinese food at it’s best.  This is truly your out-of-the-way, hole-in-the-wall find of the week restaurant that more than makes up in quality of food what it lacks in ambiance.
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Pic Paradis Pic Paradis is the highest point on the island of St. Martin, and there’s a road which takes you right to it. From the peak there is a network of hiking trails that wind all over the island and offer some breathtaking views.
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Fort Louis
The remains of this long abandoned battery make a fun trip and a short hike.  It’s perched on top of a hill near the Margiot harbor and gives a breathtaking view of the city and the bay. Well worth the short trip.
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Youth Sailing Classes The St. Maarten Yacht Club in Cole Bay offers sailing lessons to kids starting around age eight. It’s $75/month for one 2 1/2 hour lesson a week. Ton’s of fun!
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Little Leage Baseball Yep. There is a baseball little league program on the island. But don’t expect your typical American style league. This is island baseball.
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Kids World
Great hangout for young kids on days when you don’t want to be outside.  Slides, swings, toys,  pedal go-carts, and much more.
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Junior Golf
There is a golf course right next door to AUC which has a FREE program for kids. Twice a week, one hour per session, a professional golfer offers tutoring and tips.
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Seriously fun, but not cheap. $90 for a two person ride, and $60 for a solo ride. But, you gotta do it at least once! Just head to Orient Beach and look for the little shack with the big “ParaSailing” flags.
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Sailboat Rental
There are lots of options, but we chose The Random Wind. Great people, fun day, all food and drinks included.
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Marigot Market The Marigot Market is an outdoor collection of vendors that is a feast for the eyes. It’s open every day of the week during tourist season, but on Saturday it’s in full force.
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Grand Marché Grand Marché is everything you’d expect in a grocery store, including all the U.S. products and brands you know and love. The prices are a higher than what you would pay in the States because everything has to be shipped here, but compared to most other grocery stores on the island, the prices are reasonable and the selection is second to none.
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Front Street Down in Phillipsburg near where the cruise boats dock is a long street full of fun shops and restaurants.  Many of the shops sell jewelry, alcohol and tobacco, but plenty of other shops sell fun clothing and tourist type stuff as well.  There is no sales tax or import fees (duties) in St. Maarten, so many of the things for sale in these shops are cheaper than what you would pay in the States.
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The Board Walk In between Front Street and the bay where the cruise ships dock is a long, wide boardwalk full of palm trees and restaurants.  If for no other reason, it’s a fun place to go because it’s so beautiful.  But it’s also home to all the famous restaurant chains like Hard Rock Cafe, plus plenty of other local eateries as well.  Worth a visit.
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Grand Case The village of Grand Case is over on the French side, a short drive above Marigot. You’ll drive right past it on the main road if you’re not looking for it, and at first it really doesn’t look like much. But if you make your way back up against the shore, you’ll discover one of the best hidden treasures on the island. The shops of Grand Case are not your typical tourist-trap shops peddling trinkets and trash. They are mostly art galleries and vendors selling quality but unique clothing. It’s a refreshing change. And of course there is a nice selection of restaurants to choose from as well, many of them offering sea side, open air dining.
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Written on January 24th, 2012

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    Mark Peters commented

    Hello, my name is Mark Peters. I am a Canadian living in Brazil. We are members of the lds church here in Brazil. My wife and serve in various capacities as members.

    The purpose of my contact is purely information. I was reading your info and wondered if you could forward me some contact info for members on the island. I am currently doing some research for business.

    I appreciate your time.
    All our best.
    The Peters family.

    April 23, 2015 at 3:37 am
      Casey Crookston commented

      Hello Peters Family! Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I don’t check this blog as often as I used to. Yes! I can certainly put you in touch with some members of the St. Martin branch. Are you on Facebook? If so, look up Huggins Philip Alexander, who is the branch president. If you are not on Facebook, let me know and I’ll get you some email addresses.

      January 20, 2016 at 8:37 pm

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