In another week we will have been on the island for 3 months. Time is going both fast and slow, if that makes sense.  And while we still miss so much about St. Cloud, we are finally starting to feel as if this new life is settling down.  We’re learning the island, developing routines, and meeting new people.  There are still the occasional tears over missed friends, and while I’d stop short of saying that we feel like this is “home” we are at least headed in that direction.

Home School

Andi and Tanner enjoying an apple sauce while taking a study break.

Where to begin…

I am learning so much about Andi and Tanner that I never knew before, and I’m also beginning to grasp the holes that exist in public education.  If I could go back in time, I would involve myself to a much greater level with their schooling and homework.

I’m not implying they are deficient, but I am saying they both have strengths and weaknesses I didn’t know about.  With more careful scrutiny and one-on-one attention, I think their strengths could be more developed and their weaknesses less pronounced.  Out of fairness to them I won’t go into details, other than to say I hope this home schooling stint will help in both areas. Read the rest of this entry »

To all our good friends who have offered to send us a care package full of favorite treats: THANK YOU! We appreciate the offer. We really do. It makes us feel loved, and it means a ton to us.

When given such an offer, however, our reply has always been the same: We glad you’re thinking about us, but we’re okay.

Just about anything we might want to buy is already for sale on the island, and to help illustrate, I thought I’d include a few pics of one of the bigger grocery stores, Grand Marché.

    Read the rest of this entry »

I was in a little art gallery in Grand Case on Friday with Andi and Tanner and saw a collection of photos that gave me an idea for this slide show. The photos were random but aesthetic snapshots of the kinds of things you see every day around St. Martin, but hardly notice. It was a timely reminder that good photographs don’t always need to come from grandiose subjects. Sometimes beauty is all around us, but we look past it. Read the rest of this entry »

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Once a year in March, Heineken sponsors a sailboat race around the island that draws crowds and boats from all over the world.

This morning Carina, Tanner and I went to the back of our complex armed with my tripod and camera to catch a few pics of the boats as they began the Saturday morning stretch of the three day race.

I thought I’d share of few of the photos.


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